12 Ways to Get New Business Leads

Every small business owner and entrepreneur, every services firm and solo practitioner should begin every day with this recognition: “I need new business leads.” Someone in your organization should be devoting part of every day to finding and nurturing leads for your company or firm. New business leads are the lifeblood of your company.

No matter how much easier and less expensive it is to keep selling to people who have already bought from you, the truth is that current customers can only buy so much. Every product or service will not be appropriate for them. If your business is to hold its ground and gain ground (grow), you must bring in new business leads.

Your processes for finding new business leads might be largely automated or it might be largely manual. The future does not require automation. Building a future for your business by ensuring a steady flow of new leads, requires daily attention to marketing, lead generation, lead nurturing, lead conversion, sales and ensuring customer satisfaction.

How to Get New Business Leads

There are many ways to find and attract new business leads. Most companies use a combination of many tactics. Some of the most productive are:


  1. A customer-focused enterprise
  2. Strategic Internet marketing
  3. A well-constructed website that converts visitors to leads and then to customers
  4. Blogging that speaks to customer needs (and prospective customers)
  5. Social media strategies
  6. A finely tuned lead nurturing process
  7. Automated systems and processes for lead management
  8. Active gathering of customer opinions, needs and desires
  9. Customer knowledge that informs product and service development
  10. Flawless customer service
  11. A tested sales process
  12. A finely-tuned referral request process lead generation companies for small businesses


Converting New Business Leads to Customers

Converting is a particularly appropriate term for making leads into customers. To convert means “to turn.” It means turning the customer’s opinion to a desire or need for your product or service and then winning or closing the sale of the product or service. Converting new business leads to customers is, then a process of:

1. Understanding the customer’s pain, need or desire.

2. Demonstrating that your product or service can meet the customer’s need, relieve pain or satisfy desire.

3. Providing enough information about the benefits of your product to enable the customer to make a purchase decision.

When your sales process (both direct and automated) can move through those three steps with each new business leads, you can reasonably expect to convert leads to customers. Information must be obtained and provided as the customer is ready to offer or receive it. Your job is to provide the information the customer needs in order to buy from you in a way and on a schedule that matches the preparedness of the customer to receive it.

By using the methods listed above to attract new business leads to a place where you can interact with them productively and then to use the this three-step process for converting leads to customers, your business will be able to build a strong sales pipeline filled with a steady flow of prospective customers.