The Power of Custom Tee Shirts in Marketing

Although not a new idea, giving away custom tee shirts is still being widely used as a marketing strategy by numerous companies all over the world. Custom tee shirts are great marketing tools that will surely help you popularize your brand or company.

Unlike placing your ads on TV or radio, giving custom tee shirts as marketing strategy is a lot cheaper. You can even save more money if you buy them by bulk. Moreover, with the advent of digital media, printing has become cheaper than before, making custom tee shirts a great marketing material for those who are with a tight budget.

Moreover, with custom tee shirts, you get people to endorse your product, which makes these items an even more powerful marketing tool. While hiring an athlete or a celebrity to wear these items can significantly help you achieve your marketing goals, you can also have anyone else become a walking ambassador of your brand. But for a more effective promotion, give these items to credible people with a huge network of friends who can be your potential customers. This does not only enhance your visibility but can also create a good impression on your company. Breanna Taylor

Compared to TV and Print ad, giving tee shirts also allows you to reach more people more effectively. Studies show that people are more likely to remember a brand that they wear than an ad on billboards or TV.

What’s more, tee shirts are easy to customize. Compared to smaller promotional items like custom pens or mugs, tee shirts have more space for your advertisement. You can print your company logo, slogan or anything that speaks about your company. If you have no talent on designing the items, there is nothing to worry about as you can always seek help from designers and printing companies that specialize in shirt printing. With the use of software and new technology, designing is now easier and cheaper than before.

When using custom tee shirts as promotional materials though, the rule of thumb is to choose quality shirts. Although quality shirts may cost a bit more, this guarantees you that your potential customers will love your shirt and will always be comfortable to wear it. The color to choose may also play a significant role on the power of these marketing items. Choose a color that your market would love to wear. For instance, if your target customers are men, it is wise to avoid colors that are associated with women, such as pink or fuchsia. Most marketing gurus also recommend black, gray and white as they are neutral and can be worn by both sexes. Moreover, with these colors, your print ad is more visible and is accentuated.

Custom tee shirts can be indeed a very effective marketing tool. But keep in mind that the potential of these items in marketing also depends on how you package your company or brand, the quality of the items, how you distribute the items and even how you design them.

Giving away custom tee shirts can give your company an edge over your competitors. With quality and creative custom tee shirts, you are assured of high visibility and increased sales. Start advertising your brand now with custom tee shirts and see why they are most recommended by marketing gurus around the world!