Cibo Digital Nutritional Kitchen Scale

We continue our series of reviews before the Christmas holidays of the best digital scales on the market. Today we turn our eyes to the Escali Cibo Nutritional Scale. This is another appliance for the kitchen that is definitely note worthy. We all know that there are better ways to cook: and using a precise weighing device is one of the ways. We recommend this digital device to not only improve your cooking, but most specifically it can improve your health and your general nutritional intake.

The Escali Cibo is specifically designed to not only be a kitchen scale but to double as your own personal dietician. Combining typical weighing ability with precise accuracy and the ability to tell you how many calories you are eating in a meal or in a recipe is what makes the Cibo a cut and a pinch above the rest.

The first thing that draws our attention to this scale is the appearance. The top weighing platform is made of stainless steel that shines and appears to be of good quality. The base is mixed blue with steel and has a few buttons. At first glance the input looks slightly confusing and a little overwhelming with many buttons. But, after consulting our user’s manual and playing around with the controls it seemed very intuitive. The general appearance of the scale you can look at yourself, but in our opinion it will definitely not detract from a rustic or a modern kitchen but will only enhance your kitchen.

The next thing that we looked at was ease of use, and ability to maintain. Again, controls seemed very intuitive the longer we used it. Also, due to the build of the digital kitchen scale, it is very easy to clean and maintain. The display is also well located and easy to read when in a well lit place (your kitchen should definitely be well lit!). bol doseur avec balance

Finally, after testing versus several other scales, we determined the digital kitchen scale to be highly accurate. It has a good accuracy and also a decent weighing capacity. If you are reading this review, then we don’t’ have to emphasize the importance of using a kitchen scale while cooking. Nothing lets you be more accurate in your cooking and in following recipes than by using a scale. You don’t have to rely on lots of cup measures of all different sizes and having to clean a lot of measuring devices, and volume does not take into account the density of the food you are weighing. The hallmark of this scale is the nutritional side of it. The scale is pre-programmed with hundreds of different food categories and foods. All you have to do is place the specific food you are weighing on the scale, push a few buttons, and it will tell you how many calories is contained in the food. Now, you can’t put prepared foods or dishes on the scale and have it tell you the total calories, but as you are cooking, you can place your raw ingredients on the scale and determine the total calorie contents of the food you are preparing.