Use Moroccan Rugs for Your Home Interiors

Adorn your home with a mix of ethnicity and style. The various home décor articles, furnishings, furniture, and rugs can all be used to add life to the house. A rug is a sure shot means of adding much needed warmth and elegance to the décor. Put them on the floor or use them as runners, they will brighten up the place. Some popular rug categories include Moroccan Rugs, antique Oriental rugs, and Persian rugs. The Moroccan Rugs have been adorning the homes of millions for some time now.

History of the Moroccan Rugs
The art of Moroccan rug weaving has its origins in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The tribals in the mountains have handed over their art from one generation to the other. These rugs are not just home decor for the people in Northern Africa; it is a fundamental component of their culture. These hand-knotted rugs were considered as the perfect gift. moroccan pillow

Types of Moroccan Carpets
The tribal rugs are commonly known as Berber carpets (after the tribe.) These are made from hand-dyed wool, the colors of which can be bright or faded. Since these are hand-made, each rug is distinctive when it comes to the colors, designs, and patterns. The designs used in these carpets bear a resemblance to Native American weaving. The original Berber carpets can be quite expensive.

Fez carpets are the most expensive type of Moroccan carpets available. These carpets have the most delicate handwork in terms of intricate patterns and are densely knotted.

Kilims or hanbels are usually made from silk or wool or a combination of both. These rugs are flat in weave, light in weight, and the designs are in hues of green, mauve, red, white, and blue. These are cheaper compared to the other two varieties.

The price of each rug will be individually dependent on the intricate knotting, design and patterns, size, and the colors used.

Why Have Moroccan Rugs For Your Home?
One of the biggest struggles of the modern times has been to blend the old with the new. This is true of our houses as well. We want our homes to look modern, stylish, and traditional all at the same time. Moroccan Rugs perfectly fit the bill for this requirement. They have high utility and brighten up the atmosphere and make for luxurious living. Besides, as most of the rugs are unique, they go a long way in reflecting your aesthetic taste and sensibility. The bright colors, detailed patterns and natural patterns make them stand apart from their factory counterparts. So, go ahead and a dash of color to your floor, to the wall, or just use the rug as a throw.